Wine Bar

Tuscany on a plate: tradition and innovation

If you already like traditional Tuscan flavors and want to experience them in a new way, then try our Wine Bar.

At our Enoteca, in the Squisitia Restaurant, you’ll find classic flavors with a modern twist. Our land’s authentic ingredients are brought to life in tantalizing preparations and unexplored combinations: the pappa al pomodoro becomes a filling for fresh pasta, cauliflower comes in the form of a cake.

Our menu is in harmony with ideas of seasonality, and varies according to whatever ingredients are available at the time. To offer only genuine tradition, the wine bar will order exclusively local products: our cold cuts come from Garfagnana, pecorino cheese from Pisa, and one dessert you shouldn’t miss is the Pilgrim’s cake (torta coi bischeri).

An explosion of flavors to satisfy every palate is available every day at lunch and dinner.

I had a truly spectacular steak... as well as being really tender, with butter, it had such a good flavor from the wood it was cooked with. I’ve never eaten such good meat... a marvelous cut.Ugo B. - TripAdvisor

An intimate corner, a cozy atmosphere

The Enoteca of Hotel San Ranieri is waiting for you in the Squisitia Restaurant, but you’ll feel like you’re dining in a different dimension. The wooden furniture, the classic oak barrels, warm colors: everything to remind you of a typical Tuscan osteria. With a surprising touch of romance and elegance.

The enchanting atmosphere is a neat combination of soft lighting, delicate curtains, and a varied wine list with carefully-selected labels. This is the ideal spot for big occasions, for a family or couple, and to experience special moments at any time.