Palio of San Ranieri

Palio of San Ranieri

A great regatta, heritage of the ancient maritime tradition, to celebrate Pisa’s Patron: the Palio of Saint Ranieri is an annual event on June 17. First, it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, from 1718 on it has become the celebration of Saint Ranieri.  

The regatta, born in the Middle Ages, is on the River Arno, after a parade in the city center. The four historic districts of Pisa are involved, with their own colours: San Francesco (yellow), San Martino (red), Sant’Antonio (green), Santa Maria (blue).

The boats start from the Ponte della ferrovia, to finish in front of the Palazzo Medici along the Lungarno Mediceo, the distance covered is 1500 meters. Every boat has 8 oarsmen, a steersman and a climber. The climber has to gasp the blue banner – called “paliotto” - which is the symbol of the victory, at the top of a 10-metre-high mast.

The suggestive regatta – and the catch of the banner - recalls the ancient exploit at Lepanto, when the fleet of the Knights of Saint Stephen boarded the Turkish flagship and stole the Muslim fight banner waving on the mast.

If you stay at the Hotel San Ranieri in June, do not miss the Palio of San Ranieri, a great summer event in Pisa!

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