Luminara of San Ranieri

Luminara of San Ranieri

On June 16, Pisa celebrates San Ranieri, his patron saint, with the traditional festival of the Luminara, which means Illuminations.

The origin of the Luminara has ancient roots: it was held for the first time in 1688, when Cosimo III de’ Medici wanted that the remains of the patron saint were placed in a new urn inside the Cathedral of Pisa. So he organized a great public celebration that was called Illumination and then in the nineteenth century became the Luminara.

On that night the city was brightly lit with oil lamps. So every year, even today, in Pisa 100,000 candles adorn all the palaces of the Arno River and the historic center. People turn off all the private lights and the thousand lights that reach the Leaning Tower and Miracle Square create a magical atmosphere.

The Luminara does not end there: squares, streets and cafes organize concerts and events all around Pisa.

During the day you can attend the Regatta of San Ranieri: 4 boats that reminds you of the frigates of the Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano, belonging to the four historic districts of Pisa (Santa Maria, San Francisco, San Martino and Sant'Antnio), compete in a regatta on the Arno to win the Palio di San Ranieri. To win, boats must reach a flagpole in the middle of the river and men must scramble to take the prize. Who comes last wins a pair of ducks!

The Luminara is a perfect event to visit Pisa and enjoy the best of the city.

Take advantage of this event to discover Pisa