Keith Haring Exhibition at Palazzo Blu

Palazzo Blu - Pisa

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection, in collaboration with the Fondazione Pisa and Palazzo Blu, is proud to present a new exhibition project entitled Keith Haring.

Until April 17, 2022, Palazzo Blu in Pisa is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the great American artist Keith Haring. The display counts 170 works retracing Haring's life, including the famous mural in Pisa entitled Tuttomondo made in 1989.

With their bright and vivid colors, Haring's works conceal a more profound message regarding the society in which he lived. In this exhibition, the public will be invited to discover the chaotic nature of the United States in the '80s. The economy was in bad shape, and social phenomena such as violence, drugs, discrimination, and poverty were growing, especially in the big cities. Art was the only form that allowed Haring to express himself freely.

The works exhibited at Palazzo Blu are part of a personal collection lent by the Japanese Dr. Kazuo Nakamura, one of the largest in Europe. The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection is generally hosted in Japan in a museum dedicated to the American artist. It collects many complete series of prints such as Apocalypse (1988), Blueprint Drawings (1990), and several other drawings, sculptures, and significant works on canvas such as Untitled (1985).

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