Vespa Sounds Cool Exhibition at Piaggio Museum in Pontedera

Vespa Sounds Cool Exhibition at Piaggio Museum in Pontedera

This year, on its 76th anniversary, Vespa has decided to celebrate its birthday with the event #VespaSoundsCool. It is a must-see exhibition showing the meeting between the greatest symbol of Italian design and the music industry. These two entities have always captured the spirit of the times, even managing to anticipate trends on many occasions.

The exhibition, inaugurated on April 24, is housed inside the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera and can be visited - even virtually - until next October. The various rooms of the museum display extraordinary pieces that recount the long relationship between Vespa and music. For example, you can see rare vinyl records with Vespa on the cover, which visitors can listen to thanks to interactive stations and the presence of an authentic vintage jukebox. You can also watch music videos featuring the Vespa by artists like Jovanotti, Elisa, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, the Depeche Mode, and the Black Eyed Peas.

In the end, you'll get to admire an exclusive selection of precious music-themed objects from a private collection dedicated to Andy Warhol. The objects are set up together with five historic Vespa models chosen among the most representative of the timeless relationship between the Italian brand and music.

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