Dante's Inferno Exhibition - Palazzo Blu

Dante's Inferno Exhibition - Palazzo Blu

From May 2 to July 18, 2021, Palazzo Blu in Pisa hosts an exhibition entirely dedicated to Dante Alighieri, realized with the contribution and patronage of the National Committee for Dante700. On the occasion of the seventh centenary of his death, Pisa decides to pay tribute to the Supreme Poet with an exhibition dedicated to the graphic works of Tom Phillips

Phillips is a versatile artist of international caliber who decided to translate the Divine Comedy into English between the seventies and eighties. In addition to the translation, he also realized the illustrations accompanying the various cantos

His work was published in 180 copies and printed in London, first in 1983 and then 1985. Indeed, this second version was entitled Dante's "Inferno," which is also the exhibition's name.

The images hosted right now at Palazzo Blu are from the original edition published in 1983. Each of them reflects the fervent creative vein of the artist, who uses different techniques depending on the message he wishes to convey: silkscreen, engraving, lithography, mezzotint. The images, displayed all together in succession, offer an iconographic journey through the cantos of Dante's Comedy, which takes on new and unexpected meanings for each viewer who's looking at them.

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