Connections. Telling the story of hope at Palazzo Blu

Connections. Telling the story of hope at Palazzo Blu

Palazzo Blu in Pisa, from 23 April to 25 September 2022, tells the story of hope, through graphic novels, photographs and multimedia contents. The exhibition Connections. Telling the story of hope hosts a wide selection of original drawings taken from the volumes Lamiere, Salvezza and storiemigranti.

Comics abandons its playful soul and turns out to be an instrument of social denunciation and reflection on issues that are as current as they are dramatic.

The exhibition itinerary begins with the contributions of Lamiere, collaborative effort of the illustrator Lucio Ruvidotti and the writers / journalists Danilo Deninotti and Giorgio Fontana. A work of graphic journalism set in an African slum, populated by humanitarian workers ‘made’ of glue, nurses and HIV-positive children. Yet, in such a bleak scenario, the hope of a rebirth appears, rendered with vivid colors and clean graphic lines.

The second stage of this journey is the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea described in Salvezza by the illustrator Lelio Bonaccorso, in collaboration with the journalist Marco Rizzo. The investigation into the rescue operations of the Aquarius ship in the open sea is the result of photographs, videos and drawings of great emotional strength. The reader of the graphic journalism work follows the story of the crew and at the same time learns the stories of migrants rescued at sea.

In the third and last stage, the desperate gaze of Salvezza become the faces of the men and women of storiemigranti, the result of the collaboration between the cartoonist Sio and the photographer Nicola Bernardi. Thirty-two migrants, introduced by an evocative photo-portrait, tell stories of various kinds, turning from dramatic to comic tones. The result is an articulated mosaic where dreams and terrifying nightmares coexist, in the hope that a sort of normality is reachable for everyone.

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