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The Roof gardens and the green spaces of the San Ranieri hotel, equipped with elegant chaise longue, are the perfect setting where you can sip a good aperitif and relax after a day of work or shopping in Pisa.

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The San Ranieri Hotel, the only designer hotel in Pisa, was conceived as "an outstanding oasis for mainland traveler’s relaxation."

Streamlined surfaces, fanciful and fun colors, back-lit mirrors found in every room - all the spaces are designed to give you comfort and pleasure in every moment of the day.

The warm and elegant atmosphere is felt throughout every room and suite, giving the guests a feeling of a unique and special place, suspended in time and space.

Family Room - 36 sqm
Two large, modernly furnished, attached rooms with 2 bathrooms with private entrances ... read more >>


Executive Suite - 32 sqm
The executive suites are all built on higher levels stretching outwards: looking out the window, you’ll have the pleasant feeling of being suspended in mid-air... read more >>


Junior Suite - 24 sqm
An intimate and relaxing space open to the sky. These rooms built on an upper floor and leaning outward will give you the impression of being suspended in mid-air. read more >>


Superior Double - 18 sqm
Many mirrors and clean lines accent this large area characterized by large windows... read more >>


Classic Double - 18 sqm
This modern room offers resin floors and pearl gray colors, making it very bright and ideal... read more >>




Pisanian architects Beniamino Cristofori and Salvatore Re, along with designer Simone Micheli, have created a real work of art and excellence, where beauty and authenticity of detail are perfectly in keeping with customer requirements, providing functionality and comfort.

Totally covered with crystal panels for energy savings, the hotel maintains a lightweight and original appearance. During the day, the sun’s rays shimmer between the glass illuminating all enclosed spaces. At night, thousands of flourescent lights color the buildings with infinite shades ranging from blue, pink and green, offering an unforgettable emotional experiernce.